What Makes a Good Company Logo Design?

The company logo design is the face of the brand. As we are so heavily dependent on our sense of sight, what we see has the most impact on us. It is easy to be captivated by visually pleasing images or moving objects as our brains are hardwired that way. Th logo of a company must be able to inspire a similar reaction from the general public to be called a successful logo.

Company logos have many different functions. They are designed to draw the attention of your audience, spread the name of your company, declare what services or products you provide and even show what principles your company stands for. As your company begins to gain reputation, the logo becomes synonymous with the quality and reliability of your product or service. Considering all these aspects, it becomes important to have a well designed logo for your company. There are some ways to check if the logo that you have designed is worthy of finalizing.

  1. Is it readable?

Most logos generally have the name of the company displayed along with some symbol or stylized drawing. While designing a logo for your company, you may get carried away and focus solely on the style of drawing or font. This has a tendency to compromise the readability of the company logo.

Make sure that the name of the brand is readable by the public as they are going to be associating the impact of the logo with it. Avoid confusing fonts, merging colors, rotated or mirrored alphabets as it takes more effort to read the name.

  1. Is it scalable?

While designing the business logo, you need to consider how it wood look if it was magnified to fit the size of a billboard and also if it would have the same impact if it was reduced in size to fit a product. Low-quality business logo designs can show pixels when magnified, which would make it seem boxy and reduce the readability of it.

Having many intricate designs, thin lines and other such attention to detail in business logos can backfire when you try to scale it down. The designs may merge with each other or not even be visible. This can influence the impact the logo creates. You must ensure that the logo must be simple enough to scale down and detailed enough to look good when magnified.

  1. Does it appeal to your target audience?

Your target audience are going to be the most influential advertisers of your brand or company. Your business logo design should be appealing and memorable enough to them so that they will inadvertently increase the amount of sales or number of clients you receive.

Take for example the logo of a popular toy company, “Toys R Us”. The playful colors and the blue star in the middle of the logo, separating the words “toys” and “us” are easily identifiable as something that would appeal to children.

Although the people who will be making purchases from their stores will be parents, not children, the designers of the company’s logo knew that the child’s association with the store will make them want to revisit the place. This kind of influence cannot be made possible if they design a logo aimed at the parents. Thus, the colors and eye catching design.

  1. Is your purpose apparent?

Logos should be able to visually convey the product or service you’re offering. This has a much more lasting effect on your audience as the communication is intuitive and much, much faster. Think about the logo of the “World Wildlife Fund”. The simple panda drawing clearly states that this organization would have something to do with wildlife, even if you do not know what the “WWF” abbreviation stands for. Another great example is the logo of “National Aeronautics and Space Association” (NASA).

Communicating your purpose in the company’s logo makes it easier for your audience to associate the name with the services or products you provide. There is another advantage, a person can process images much faster than he or she can process words. If someone is searching for a product or service but has no idea where to find it, its image on the logo of your company will lead them straight to you.

  1. Is it appropriate for a global audience?

As your business grows, you need to keep in mind that you will be dealing with people who come from different cultural backgrounds. The images or designs in your company’s logo can mean one thing in your country and mean something else entirely in another part of the world. This has repercussions on the company image, which can be a very costly affair depending on the severity of the case.

The logo of a company should be relevant, timeless and universally appealing. Achieving all these requirements in one go is very difficult, so do not hesitate to make small changes to the logo every now and then. The changes can reflect the improvements in principles and product quality which shows that your company is evolving. The important thing is to be ready to accept new changes and to adapt accordingly.


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