Typographic Logo Design

28 Feb Typographic Logo Design

There is evidence that people have been using typographic logos since ancient Mesopotamian times. The concept of typography, however came about with the presses, punches and dies that were used to signify or show from who or where a certain letter or package or even product was made from. It was always used as a mark of identity and they are always unique. Typographic logos are the kind of logos that have the name of their brand or company written out in a way that it by itself becomes a logo. The most instantly recognizable typographic logo is the coca cola logo, which has its name written into a simple yet one of the most unique in the world.


Why have typographic logos?


Having a symbol represent the brand is a good idea, but making those symbols stand out, for their looks, appeal and marketability is not easy. Think about one of the most enduring British motoring brands of all time, Jaguar. The logo is something that just cannot be missed or even replicated. Any brand that has an animal lunging forward will be compared to it. That invariably takes out a bulk of ideas when it comes to design. Typographic logos, on the other hand are usually made from the name. There is an instant identity with them and the simple logo designs for businesses often turn out to be the most successful ones.


Types of typographic logos


There are numerous types of logos that can be made using only the name of the brand. The popular formts with any logo designer in the UK will be:

Handwritten Typographic Logo Example

  • Signature styled

Signatures as a simple logo design is quite common in fashion. Designers often have a certain story to tell with their work and there may be no better way to show their originality and individuality than with a signature. Signatures are stylish, but work only if the name of the brand is a person. It also does not have to be the real signature; most handwritten signatures will immediately be original logos.

  • Font based

Most font based typographic logos make one particular font the identity of the brand. Just in the way it is written, the logo should be able to make it stand buy nolvadex pct online out. Popular brands like Fedex, or even Ford, for example, are based on a font.

  • Ambigrams

Ambigrams are words that look the same even when seen upside down, or with a 180 deg spin. They have seen a resurgence in recent times and they are difficult to form, but can be very appealing if done right. They are great on packaging as they will never really be the wrong way up!


  • Symbols

Incorporating symbols into words are a recent, post mobile phone era kind of typographic style and it has been found that the human eye can see letters and fill them in even if they are just numbers and symbols. These can certainly be the basis of a unique logo.


  • Colour

Some colours are synonymous with certain brands, and using one colour as a base, an efficient logo designer in the UK (and elsewhere for our international friends!) can come up with a theme that can be used to perfectly showcase the brand on the whole. Colour can be an important aspect of any logo and it is said that people can instantly register a colour and associate them with the brands that use them. Some brands have a colour scheme that keeps them familiar to people around the world like the black and gold scheme used by UPS or the John Deere green.

When looking for original logos, think of how best the name of the brand can be used to full effect. Short names seem to work well in typographic logos and negative spaces, if used right, can really make the logo both memorable as well as interesting.


When searching for simple logo designs for businesses, there are a few things that experts and professionals in the most successful marketing departments have to say. Firstly, it should be scalable. It should look good in both large billboards as well as business cards, letterheads and envelopes, secondly, it should be describable. When a person looks at an interesting logo design, they should be able to describe the logo to their friends in a way that they can visualize the logo just through verbal description. That is the mark of a good typographic logo.