Top Five Tips for Buying a Logo Design Online

For most entrepreneurs, the very first course of action to take after starting a company is to select an appropriate and effective logo. It may initially seem like a daunting task, because you would have access to many choices, but most of them may not work for you. There are a plethora of options available out there, but it takes time to sort through them all to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Toss in the fact that each and every one of these logos can be customized to look the way you want them to, then you would understandably feel overwhelmed. However, if you follow a few, simple rules, what would have looked like a seemingly impossible process at first, can be made equally simple, and even enjoyable.

Long-term and short-term

An important thing to remember is that your logo works to represent your company, not necessarily sell it. While several famous companies appear to sell themselves on their logo, like McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, they are only able to do so because they’ve built an identity upon their logo. In other words, the logo merely serves to represent your company’s services.

In the short-term a more attractive logo can serve to draw attention to your company quickly, but in the long-term this attention will be come as a result of the identity that your company has built amongst its consumer-base, and at this point the memorability of your company will depend on how well the logo can be identified with what your business does. The more interesting the logo, the more interested people will get; and the more interested people get, the more your logo will be identified.

Selecting an effective online logo design:

  1. Understand the use of color

The most successful companies and franchises in the world can be collectively identified by a simple, primary color. What comes to your mind when you think of the color RED? Or the color GREEN? How about BLUE?

Famous brands like Red Bull, Intel and Starbucks (for each of those colors, respectively) have built an association with these colors, to the point that they are one of the first images that form in your mind when you see these colors. Using color as a starting point is an important step to take before you make your mind up about a specific design or even a name.

2. Make sure your logo is brand coherent

More so than aligning your brand identity with what your business provides, it is far more effective to make the logo coherent with your company’s overall business ideologies and goals. Take McDonald’s, for example: their famous tag-line “I’m Lovin’ It” directly states that it is the company’s intention that their customers have a good time, and the logo has always been easy to identify with this ideal, mostly because of its simplicity.

Simplicity is not necessarily the ONLY way to maintain brand coherence, but it becomes easier to initially align the logo you’ve purchased with your company’s goals, so that the association between the logo and the business will grow over time, as they both become equally recognizable.

3. Don’t buy stock logos

This may not seem like a particularly helpful piece of advice, considering almost every logo that is available to you online, is going to be available to others, making it a “stock logo”. But most – if not all – of these websites will offer an incredibly wide range of customization options with no added cost. So before you go ahead and purchase a logo online, make sure to stay up-to-date with what the competition is using, to figure out the best way you can personalize your logo and differentiate it from the crowd.

4. Find a designer whom you know and trust

If you are dead-set on making your logo completely original, investing in a talented designer is a good step to take. Doing so will almost certainly ensure that your logo will stand out and represent your business in the most direct possible way.

However, it is best if you know or have worked with this designer before, so that they will be able to better understand what you want from the brand image; likewise so you can trust that they will create the best possible logo for your company. The best part about hiring a designer personally, is that they will assuredly create a highly professional-looking logo for you.

5. Do the research

There is an endless number of resources available online, surrounding the various design theories that can be put to good use when trying to understand how your logo can and should be designed. It is vital that you take as much time as you need before you create a logo as once your customers associate it with your business, it cannot be promptly changed; it is as difficult to transform an established logo, as it is to change your name.


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