The Darkside: Logo Design Fads

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A few of many logos by Original Nutter that don’t fit the design fad trend.

A quality logo will perfectly highlight your business’ mission statement. Anyone can make a logo, but only a few can come up with a lasting one.

Unless you come from a design background, hiring a good designer is possibly one of the only ways to achieve this. Even with a design background you may not have the technical ability to translate your idea into reality. Something that you should avoid altogether during the process of designing is to avoid trends and fads.

Logo design fads are only good for a certain period of time but they will not ultimately transcend time. Design fads are a trap that you should not fall for. Spending money on a design only to change it X years down the line is costly. Not only in respect to recommissioning a designer but also the cost of renewing all your branded materials. Stationery, social media, websites, products, the list goes on. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid design fads in logo design.

1. It’s  probably not going last

Before you free fall into a re-branding spiral, make sure that your logo will transcend the test of time and be relevant even after years and years of business. Following trends will shorten the longevity of your branding.

2. It’s unoriginal

Logos should be an expression of your creativity and passion for your business. Following trends boils down to copying designs from another brand. Who wants to have a knock off version of someone elses logo.

 3. Boring

Design fads are something that we see over and over again. Seen it. Seen it. Seen it. So have your customers. Give your audience something refreshing to differentiate you from your competition. Give them something that will excite their senses and encourage them to follow you and give their loyalty to your business. Logo design fads aren’t creative, they fail to deliver your personality. Don’t be predictable.

 4. It’s not going to sell as effectively

A person who have seen your logo time and time again will most probably overlook your brand and move on to a competitor that offers something unique. If you want to increase sales and get people to look at you, then be creative and think clearly about your branding.

 5. It’s disrespectful to your business

If you have started a business, then you’re most probably deeply passionate about it. It would be a disservice to your business and to yourself if the start of your branding journey will start with copying other designs. Respect your brand and respect yourself enough to follow your own path and set the terms for yourself. Identify your unique selling point, study your brand, research your audience, so you can actively pursue a fitting, genuine, and lasting logo.

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