Refund Policy - Original Nutter Design

Refund Policy

We guarantee your full satisfaction or your money back. An administration fee of 3.5% of your original purchase price will be deducted from the amount refunded. The refund policy will not take effect in any of the following events:

  1. If you have approved your design.
  2. If work was commenced on one of your concepts and 3 or more design changes were effected at your request.
  3. If the party for whom the design is being designed closes, or changes its name, or changes its activity.
  4. If the project was cancelled for reason(s) unrelated to the design of Original Nutter Design.
  5. If you do not communicate with Original Nutter Design for more than 6 months following the submission of the design.
  6. If other design companies were hired to work on the same logo design project at the same time.

How the money will be transferred:

If you have paid using your credit card – the money will be transferred back to your PayPal or credit card account. It may take up to 6 business days before the money will appear on your account.