Olivia De Santos – Logo Design

Firstly, these designs are amazing! Thank you so much; I'm so glad I went with you guys! You captured what I was trying to get across perfectly. I've recommended you to my Mother who is a small business owner as she was really impressed when I showed her the concept I chose. So hopefully you'll be hearing from her soon.



Olivia is a young wedding stylist who specialises in modern and colourful weddings. No fluff. She approached us to start developing her brand. We agreed that developing a strong visual identity should be the first port of call, and that the logo should be the cornerstone. We are looking forward to growing with Olivia’s company and assisting her with the development of her business’ identity.


For the logo Olivia mentioned that she would like a simple but effective symbol which encapsulates the modern and colourful vibe with perhaps my name (Olivia De Santos) in a simple font purchase nolvadex online underneath. Many wedding services use a script type font that is overly curly or rings as symbols. Olivia rightly mentioned that she really didn’t like this and wanted to stand out.


In the end Olivia chose to go for a pure stylised wordmark logo which we believe really helps her differentiate the brand from her competitors.

Chosen Logo Concept


The design that our client decided was perfect for their needs. We went ahead and finalised the design, sending them a full set of web & print ready files.

Additional Concepts


The other logo concepts we developed for this client. Behind every final design there are other top notch designs that didn’t make the final cut. Tough choices!