Professional Company Logos Matter – Here’s Why


Professional company logos are extremely important to any business or organisation. There’s nothing worse than seeing a Microsoft Paint-esque logo when you visit a website. Imagine you’re looking for a restaurant on the high street: the one with the 1970s-esque logo is hardly going to inspire you to think the food is fresh. Image matters.


And image is one of the major reasons you should always have your company logo design put together by an expert who knows what they are doing. First impressions can win you or lose you a sale or a customer. Your website or shop may be packed full of interesting information or goodies respectively; but what does it mean if you’ve put no thought into the first thing they see? And that’s the logo. It’s like having a bare shop window. Logos can help create a strong brand and help create a positive first impression of your business for potential customers – which can only be good for business. Also, a good logo can instil a sense of confidence in the customer. You appear credible and professional in what you’re doing; it sends the message that you’re serious about quality. The absence of a proper logo leaves this in doubt. Crucially, there is also one key thing that a logo can instil: trust. It enables customers to trust that you are professional, that you are willing to invest in your business to make an impression. This can even result in potential customers disregarding other shops or outlets for a particular item – even if it’s cheaper elsewhere. That’s how important it is to obtain the services of a professional logo designer.


So professional company logos are important. Don’t take an unnecessary risk: hire the right designer today. Hire Original Nutter Design. We’re happy to chat about what we can achieve together. You can call us at our Leeds-based office on 0333 050 1245 or drop us an email via