Professional Company Logo? Don’t Make It Personal; Make It Professional


Professional company logo services provide the means for logos and even brands to be created for businesses and organisations. Your logo is so important; and you undoubtedly want it to be pleasing to the eye. However, there’s a tendency to personalise almost too much. But it’s not about what looks best to you personally; it’s about what’s best for business.


It’s often tempting for those running businesses to have a logo that is very personal to them. It’s completely understandable – but that doesn’t mean it’s best for business. It isn’t like a tattoo that goes on your body; you are a person within your organisation, you are not your business. So having a healthy disconnect is good. You don’t need to love your logo; it just has to send the right message for your business. What are your company’s missions? What are its goals and the values that drive it forward? These are all things that an experienced logo designer will take into consideration when they approach the design process. A professional will work with you. Having said that you don’t need to absolutely love your logo, it’s fair to say that you do need to appreciate it. You need to trust that it’s putting your message over to potential and current customers. So a good professional will also work with you to revise the logo more to your liking if you have reservations. In reality, it should be a collaborative process between you and the designer. Think about what you like, consider what an experienced company logo design professional suggests, and think about what your customers would like.


At Original Nutter Design, we do all of the above with our professional company logo services. We take you and your business into consideration; and we also consider your customers’ demographics. We work to create a logo that you won’t need (or want) to change for a very long time. To find out more, visit, email us via or give us a call on 0333 050 1245.