Professional Business Logos – What Makes Them So Valued?


Professional business logos are an important part of modern businesses. With so much of life being filtered through visual and social media, logos and brands stand out. Businesses, especially start-ups, are adapting to this by investing well in their design and image. But what are the business reasons behind this movement?


There is no single reason that explains the advantage that a professional logo designer can bring to your business. Start-ups realise – perhaps more than established businesses – how important image is to attract consumers today. All these start-ups need to do is match the service quality produced by their competitors and they will win hands down every time – purely because they have spent on their logo and branding. Great logos don’t just catch our eye on the high street; they inspire us to remember them. They also instil a level of confidence and trust in the product or service being offered. Because of this, it gives the impression that your business is experienced – that you understand completely how important it is to visually please your customers and make them comfortable. Client confidence is one of the most important things we value when running businesses – it is the foundation towards creating a better business model. Business logo design doesn’t just appear on business signs – it appears on stationery, letterheads, banners, advertisements, pamphlets, social media, websites and so on. It is your business’ signature. As such, consistency between all of these mediums is important.


We understand this at Original Nutter Design. We don’t just create beautiful professional business logos, we can organise and design all of your materials to ensure there is a consistent theme in the message you are sending to consumers, customers and clients. To have a chat to us about what we can do, call us on 0333 050 1245, email us via or head to our website at