Printing Responsibility

For the purpose of versatility we will supply your design files in different colour modes such as RGB, CMYK, and may contain Pantone colours. When you are approving your design on the computer monitor, you are only approving RGB colours. Computer screens can only reproduce RGB colours and only simulates other colour modes. We do our best to match RGB colours on our computer screen to CMYK or Pantone colours, but it is physically impossible to find an exact match. When we convert your files in to different colour modes (CMYK, Pantone) we hold no responsibility for matching exactly your approved RGB colours. It is the clients’ responsibility to double-check and make sure the printer gets the right colour. Furthermore when printing in CMYK process the printed colours may vary. This is due to a non standardized colour pallet used by this process printers, and calibration of the machine. Therefore Original is removing all the responsibilities for the outcome of the printing quality and colours.