04 Apr 7 Successful Tips for Starting a Business

Starting a business is one of the most nerve-wracking, yet exciting things you can do. You have the chance to do something you’re truly passionate about and make money doing it. It can be challenging though, which is why many people look for advice. Check out our 7 successful tips to get your business started …

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04 Apr Art and crypto: How to fit in the new era of design

With Bitcoin’s arrival, a lot of things started to change beyond finance and technology. For instance, it changed the vision of power, money independence and even art. Driven by the philosophy of decentralization and freedom stated in the White Paper of the first cryptocurrency, the artistic world has also got a grip of this technology, …

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04 Apr Brand Storytelling: How It Helps Your Business Convert Leads

As a business owner, you’re working day and night to realise your business goals and bring your idea and products onto the market. What many business owners don’t realise is that it takes more than a good idea and dedication to really launch a business. This is where brand storytelling comes in. Brand storytelling is, …

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04 Apr 5 Branding Strategies for Better Success

If you want to become a business that generates a following that keeps coming back for repeat business, you need to have a branding strategy that resonates with your target audience. The ability for a brand to reach out to people and connect others will draw customers away from your competitors and keep them coming …

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04 Apr 5 Logo Design Concepts That Are Trending in 2019

We live in a time that offers business opportunities to virtually any person who has an idea to launch. With so many marketing platforms available on the internet, the options seem endless. One very important aspect of getting your business up and running is marketing design, and a big part of this is your brand …

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04 Apr How Logo Design will Make or Break your Brand

We live in an era of incredible opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. While this increased connectivity and opportunity is a great benefit, it also means your brand has to stand out even more from the competition.

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04 Apr It is beautiful, it is exactly was I was looking for…

Definitely some of the best words a designer can hear from a client. Every so often we are commissioned for work that is required urgently. Unfortunately more often than not we are full booked so can’t accommodate many of these requests. Fortunately for Alec at Electric Fish Service I (Bo) had a rare gap in …

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04 Apr The Darkside: Logo Design Fads

Logo design fads are only good for a certain period of time but they will not ultimately transcend time. Design fads are a trap that you should not fall for. Spending money on a design only to change it X years down the line is costly.

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04 Apr High Impact Flyers

Taking advantage of traditional marketing methods is becoming increasingly effective with the shift to digital.

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04 Apr Quick Steps for the Perfect Logo Design UK

Why spend 30 hours of your own time if a designer could do it in 10? What else could you accomplish in that time. Try searching something like ‘ logo design uk ’ into Google…

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