20 Dec Logo Design UK | Top 12 Businesses That Need Killer Logo Design | A Guide

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22 Nov 7 Crucial Elements of an Effective Business Card Design

According to Forbes, people prefer printed materials more than digital versions as they take a shorter time to skim through and give a good overview of the person or the business they are dealing with. One of the most important pieces of printed materials a company can have is a business card. Why Do You …

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09 Sep Introducing GrowthParty!

Don’t miss out on this one. Many of you are small businesses just like us. When we work with limited resources it can be difficult to achieve our desired results. I know you know the pain! Enter GrowthParty. This free access website and growing community is fast becoming one on the best online libraries for …

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01 Aug Hiring a Logo Designer – The Checklist

Here is our key points checklist. Use it to make sure the logo design service you pick has everything you need. We have included a link to our comparison spreadsheet at the bottom to make it even easier for you to make the right decision! Have a clear idea of your business’ goals, audiences, values …
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04 Apr 5 Cool Lessons We Can Learn from AirBnB’s Branding

AirBnB needs no introduction. As you would know, it is an online marketplace for short-term rentals worldwide. The magic that separates an AirBnB stay from a hotel stay is an adventure enriched by cultural authenticity. There is also a warm cozy home feel that a hotel just doesn’t quite have. Airbnb has certainly staked their …

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04 Apr Hidden Meanings in Famous Logos: What You Didn’t Know

You see these famous logos everywhere – driving down the street, in stores, online and in your own closets and pantries. They are so common and easily identifiable that you probably don’t even notice how surrounded you are by them each day. Just a quick glance at these logos and you will instantly know the …

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04 Apr 12 Creative Branding Strategies to Stand Out

Today, more people have access to computers and smartphones than ever before, and this brings a new challenge when you’re trying to establish a business or brand. It’s not so much a matter of reaching people. These days, reaching the right audience has become difficult. How do you make your brand stand out in the …
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04 Apr When is it Time To Rebrand: 6 Signs That It’s Time To Take The Plunge

Market trends evolve constantly. It’s the same with your company’s brand. What used to work in the past might not work the same in today’s circumstances. Perhaps your product range has changed by now. Perhaps your brand has outgrown its original vision. It’s time for redefining and recalibrating. How exactly do you know when it’s …

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04 Apr The ONLY Logo Design Guide You’ll Ever Need

When you look at a great logo, what you see is shapes, colors, and maybe some text. What you don’t see is the hours of research, planning, crafting, and refining that it took to get to that final logo in the first place. Designing a logo seems easy until you actually have to do it. …

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04 Apr 7 Financial Tips to Consider When You Launch Your Startup

So, you’re thinking about heading down the path of entrepreneurship and finally launching your startup.  Launching your own startup can be a very fulfilling and rewarding if executed properly. It’s easy to have a great idea and imagine all the possibilities that the future holds. However, what’s more important than the future is making sure …

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