Online Logo Designer – What To Avoid When Using A Logo


Online logo designer are a popular option for those looking to rebrand their company. However, many designers can make mistakes when it comes to logo creation and logo usage. So what should you look out for when you hire a designer? What should you avoid when using a logo?


First of all, size is a big factor to consider. When you’re putting together, for example, pamphlets, you don’t want your logo to dominate. It’s tempting to do so in order to push your brand, but customers are interested in your product or service. You logo is there to help catch the customers’ eyes and send a message about your business’ identity. Don’t overplay it. Font also plays a big part in making logos look unprofessional. You might have a fantastic looking, high-quality symbol combined with text that is in a rather jokey looking font – such as Comic Sans. Colour is another feature that some amateur logo designers overuse. Again, this relates to boldness: surely loads of bold colours will catch the eye? If you’re looking to create a playful kids’ logo, then perhaps; but in any other case, colour should be minimalist. How often do you see Apple’s old multi-coloured Macintosh logo today? The grey Apple logo is far more iconic now. And while our tips may seem risk averse, we’re certainly not suggesting you keep yourself in a box. Indeed, you may find a logo designer offering cheap services out there – but, in reality, they will likely give you a template logo that won’t be that unique. By diversifying your look, you set yourself apart from your competitors.


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