Logo Designers – The Essential Tools In Their Toolbox


Logo designers use a variety of different skills, software and techniques in order to produce logos for their clients. It’s your initial enquiry, design briefing and the ideas you bounce back and forth together that will inform them of what they need to produce, though. A good logo designer knows how to make use of two of the most essential elements in art and design to create an image that gels with your company: colour and shape. Here is a short rundown of different ways in which these are used in logo design and what types of colour and shape might suit your company ethos best.




It’s a well-known part of human psychology that certain colours evoke particular emotions and impressions, as well as conjuring up particular associations. In the field of logo design UK, this is put to effective use when figuring out the kind of colours to use in individual clients’ logos and all other aspects of their branding and design. If your company is quite a large player in your particular field and you are looking to achieve the competitive edge, then they may use colours like red or black. Red is a strong and striking colour and top logo designers often use it to convey passion, dynamism and energy. Black, when used correctly, can imply sophistication, elegance and even mystery. Purples are often good for arty or alternative types of business, as they can signify creativity and magic; by the same token, though, purple is also associated with wealth and riches, so may be used in this context. Businesses in the self-help profession, or who specialise in teaching yoga and meditation, may favour the colour blue, which is associated with tranquillity and reflection and so they can be used to create a soothing backdrop to any promotional literature. Oranges and yellows convey optimism, warmth and excitement. These are just a few examples of how something as basic as your colour scheme can actually be subtly influential on people viewing your company’s logo. After all, we all make associations based on colour, and so the best logo designers will take these into consideration when tailoring a logo to your business.




As with colours, the use of shape also plays a fundamental role in generating ideas and assumptions from what we see. This is another core principle of visual marketing. Great logo designers know that cluttered, chaotically organised images will create aversion in almost anyone who see them, thus they will plan accordingly. If your company specialises in co-operation and employs synergy with other companies, then designers will likely use softer shapes when creating your logo. These will most likely be circles or imagery such as a sun or bubbles for example, and the subtle implications are of friendliness and co-operation. By contrast, sharper shapes – think triangles for example – may be used by companies that are based on competition and achieving excellent results against others in their field. If you own an independent law firm or a retail business, then your chosen online logo designer may suggest these kinds of shapes to you. In the end, though, working closely with the designer is what will get you the ideal image and together, you can discuss how shape can be used to create the visual front for your company. A logo sends out a vital first impression of a company and is often the main thing that will stick out in a person’s mind when they think of you. Original Nutter Design are a team of logo designers that want to help you find the best logo to convey succinct and positive messages about your company; and will use their extensive expertise to achieve that.


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A logo designer is nothing without their creative knowledge and experience and these are two things we have in spades over at Original Nutter Design! Our work as logo designers doesn’t get better than seeing a client excited about their new logo and therefore their company’s future. From shape and colour to font and size, we will use every artistic tool in the box to ensure you are delighted with your new image. If you think we could help you refresh your company’s brand, get in touch today to discuss your project. Call us on 0333 050 1245 or visit our website, https://originalnutterdesign.co.uk/.