Logo Design UK And The Initial Briefing


Logo design UK wide is a service that countless businesses and companies have used over the years. With the growth of online marketing, this is only set to increase. A good logo that looks professional and encapsulates a company’s mission, vision and values. It will enhance its image publicly. A poor logo can create doubt in consumers’ minds and even lose the company business. Many of us are unaware of exactly what goes into the creation of a good logo. If you need the help of a logo designer, here’s a brief insight into what the design process involves.




You may be surprised at how much the largest companies spend on their logos and branding. This can run into the millions. However, when you consider the most iconic brands, such as Apple and Nike, you’ll realise that they have become synonymous with the logos they have invested in. The temptation for many small business owners is just to knock something simple up themselves on the computer. After all, how hard can it be? The answer is that the professionals probably put a lot more time and effort into it than you realise. First, a good custom logo design UK service will ask you for as much information about your company and the requirements of your logo as possible. This will include your business history and aspirations for the future; your target audiences; the products or services you provide and so on. It should go right down to details like where your logo will be used – on business cards or billboards; leaflets or the web. Other considerations might be whether you want to show references to your geographic location; and if you want an abstract or a specific image, such as an animal or floral design. With an overview of all this information, the logo designers will then carry out their own research and brainstorm ideas to work toward a first draft. Great logo design services UK wide will even research your main competitors to look for common themes and differences in informing their artistic vision for your own logo.




Once the research phase has ended, the artistic team will draw up initial sketches using keywords that it identifies with your company and what it offers. From these first visual representations, a larger picture will begin to emerge and the different visual ideas of each member of the team are pooled to create a cohesive series of sketches, usually on paper. When this is complete, the logo design company UK based goes digital! The best ideas are recreated on the computer using a professional software package. The artistic team will work with your guidelines to select appropriate colour schemes. A key part of professional logo design UK wide is in choosing a font, as this will create the visual atmosphere for the rest of the logo. Furthermore, they will decide whether the logo will be primarily word- or image-based. There are a host of other considerations that need to be taken into account too. Where will the logo appear? If it is only for the web, it can incorporate special effects and a range of colours. If, however, it will also be used for printed media, a simpler design that will copy well in black and white as well as colour may be more appropriate. To produce something fit for purpose, the logo design UK company you choose should be true professionals to be able to take all these complexities into account. At Original Nutter Design, we have the expertise and experience to deliver a logo that truly reflects your company in all its glory.


Original Nutter Design Are The Logo Design UK Company To Guide You Through


Not everyone is familiar with how company design works and we are well aware of this at Original Nutter Design. We are therefore a logo design UK based company that believes in working with clients very closely to explain the process at every stage, so you will never feel in the dark about how your company’s logo will turn out. Our logo designer experts will offer you nothing but the best service and the most amazing outcomes for your brand! If this sounds appealing to you, then get in touch online at hello@originalnutterdesign.co.uk or give us a call 0333 050 1245 to speak to one of our fantastic team today.