It is beautiful, it is exactly was I was looking for…

Definitely some of the best words a designer can hear from a client.

Every so often we are commissioned for work that is required urgently. Unfortunately more often than not we are full booked so can’t accommodate many of these requests. Fortunately for Alec at Electric Fish Service I (Bo) had a rare gap in my schedule over the weekend. Alec’s brief was perfectly clear. That always helps. We settled on a one concept commission given the time restraints.

Take a look at what a Sunday at work can produce.

Using the first letters of each word in ‘Electric Fish Service’ to form the shape of an angler fish. I really like the results and Alec was so happy no revisions were needed.

“It is beautiful, it is exactly was I was looking for” – Alec

As with any logo design commission Alec received a full set of web and print ready files, ready to be used on his new marketing materials which will also be provided by Original Nutter Design.

Yet another happy client! Will you be next?


Original Nutter is a collective of designers dedicated to providing beautiful & bespoke graphics for small businesses worldwide. This year has been another record-breaking success, serving loved clients in Spain, China, Qatar, Bermuda and of course the UK.