Importance of Responsive Website Design

With growing use of mobile devices like tablets and smartphone companies are moving towards developing websites that are mobile friendly as people now carry out a large amount of their internet activities on the move. After the advent of social media, online information is being consumed by a larger number of people due to active sharing on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and others.

Meaning of responsive web design

A responsive web design is constructed in such a way that its content is visible with same level of clarity in all devices be they desktop devices or hand held devices. Generally websites can easily be assessed on desktop computers with full features but when they are assessed on mobile devices some services will be missing. But websites with responsive design are available on all devices.

The layout and coding of a responsive web design is done in such a manner that reading and navigation is easy on any device. The website is designed to allow all its components like text, images and audio-video elements to appear in the same layout and form in all devices. If a firm has a responsive website design then it need not waste money on setting up another “mobile-enabled” version. The optimum viewing experience increases viewership of the website as all elements readjust themselves according to devices size and shape.

Why should a website be responsive?

Saves time and money

Though designing a responsive website is more expensive than a conventional one, the former eliminates cost of creating another website suited for hand held devices like tablets and smartphones. With a responsive website you can reach customers across a wider user area with a single post while in a conventional website you will have to carry out double duty of updating information on both sites. Investing in responsive websites helps to reduce website ownership costs and is considered a smart business decision by most companies as it saves time and money.

Preferred by Google

When market leader Google stated that it considers responsive website design as the best practice in website design industry it did not come as a surprise, as most search marketers by now have realized its importance as a powerful marketing tool. The firm which owns around 67 percent of world search market says that this design has improved its efficiency as same URL and HTML is applicable in all devices and online content is indexed in the same sequence in all devices for same search engine. In this simple and straightforward scenario companies can easily share content with their users more actively and interact with them across multiple platforms with single upload on their responsive website. This feature helps users to share both audio and video files without any changes in size and shape.

Increase in conversion rates

The largest advantage of owing a responsive website is that it can increase rate of conversion and make the users happy as they can share all audio, text and video clips with ease. When websites do not work on hand held devices or do not have same features as the desktop versions they soon become redundant among younger generation. Several times people visit shops and check out products they desire and order them online once they are satisfied with its features.

A recent research has shown that around 69 percent of people with tablets have shopped on them continuously instead of on their desktop devices. Software mapping can help you identify different segments of mobile users and their shopping patterns to get a better picture of conversion rates. Nearly 55 percent of social media advertisements are viewed on hand held devices so companies that implement some form social media strategy in their marketing campaign have to maintain responsive website design.

Improved user experience

As all content on the website automatically adjusts to the device it being viewed on, users do not have to zoom or shrink applications to view the ones they desire. According to recent statistics released by Google, sites that do not function properly on mobile devices push people to try out other websites and also move their purchases to these sites. If users are able to buy a product or service easily on a mobile device they will be more attached to that website than others offering similar services on desktop devices.

Increased manageability

If you have a separate website for mobile devices and desktop devices then it will be difficult to update both of them simultaneously. When ever you want to run marketing campaigns different ones will have to be developed for each that will require considerable amount of money and time. A single SEO strategy is easier to manage on both websites and get faster response. A responsive website design will be easier for your developer team and marketing team to manage as they will have to handle single SEO campaign across all devices.

Though recommendation of Google has increased popularity of responsive website design the user experience it provides helps handle online marketing strategies well.


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