Great Logo Designers – What Makes Them The Best?


Great logo designers can really help transform your business. First impressions are everything when it comes to attracting commerce, so it’s only natural that your logo forms a major part of that first impression. An amateur-looking logo is hardly going to bring people through your doors; but the right logo can do just that.


There are a few key core rules when it comes to being a logo designer of known substance. When logo designers come up with a logo, it has to be memorable, unique and easily described. A chaotic logo, for example, will only leave one memory: a bad one. A good logo can also work with or without colour. While we may be keen to fill logos with eye-catching colour, it is the form and shape of the logo which serves to make your logo unique. Colours merely act as the cherry on top. Also, a designer who knows what they are doing will be able to create a logo that is scalable. That’s because your logo isn’t just going to appear on a sign – it’s going to appear across your letterheads, your advertising material, your website, your brochures… it’s going to be on virtually everything that you do! What’s the point of having a certain detail or text in a logo that can only be seen by using a magnifying glass? A good logo will be just as easy to make out when small as its larger counterpart. Finally, you need to have something of relevance to your industry. This allows your logo to be distinct from your competitors, but also retains what potential customers expect to see.


So we can’t stress enough how important great logo designers are – and we’d like to think that our team at Original Nutter Design can be included in that category. Our service is affordable, personal and professional. To see why we’re valued by so many, please visit, email or call our Leeds office on 0333 050 1245.