Design My Company Logo For Me – But How Is It Done?


Design my company logo for me – that’s probably what you want and why you’re here. Of course, you’ll also no doubt want as much information as possible behind the process. That’s because professional logo design is, or should be, a far more extensive and involved process than a freelance logo design that is finished in just 24 hours.


The ‘fast food’ industry of logo design may appeal for its cheap price; but you’re likely to end up with a logo almost identical to another company’s logo. That’s because these logo designer don’t have time to plan a truly unique design for you. You’ll end up with a copy-and-paste job. The only unique thing will be your company’s name. This is one of the cardinal sins of company logo design. Good logo design shouldn’t be hampered by repetition; it should be original. It should be versatile, work across numerous colours and be dynamic enough to appeal to different demographics. Logo design should tell a story about your business – with symbolism personal to your business and its history. The colour and the shape of your logo can also help tell this story too. If you get the style of the logo wrong, you can end up with something that doesn’t quite fit with your business. Your design shouldn’t be hampered by the passing of time either – it should appear timeless. This is not just because this helps create an iconic brand, but also because it saves on any major, costly changes to your logos and style in the future.


So who can provide such a service to your business? Thankfully, our professionals at Original Nutter Design can help. We will personalise your logo to you and your business. There are no identikit designs here – each logo for our clients is specially and uniquely designed by an experienced logo designer. So if you’re wondering: ‘Will you design my company logo for me?’ Yes, we will! Visit, email or call us today on 0333 050 1245 for more information.