Design My Business Logo – Why It’s Important To Get It Professionally Designed


Design my business logo – that’s probably what you’re after. But you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed by the options out there. What’s best for your company? If you’re putting a lot of thought into that, it’s a good sign. A professionally-made logo is important towards creating good first impressions with your customers.


A company logo will help to anchor your brand in the memory of your potential and existing customers. It is, essentially, the ‘face’ of your business. For that reason, it should be both unique and memorable. If you go with a boilerplate logo, for example, you’ll find that it attracts very little attention. Uniqueness is created through a usage of particular symbols, colours and fonts. And logos aren’t just pretty-looking designs; they have meaning. Sometimes this can be through a clever double entendre; sometimes it can be through the usage of particular shapes of symbols that have meaning within an industry. Two good examples of this are service-orientated firms using logos that are rounded to create a sense of trust and service; whereas edgy, tech firms use angular logos to create a sense of speed, innovation and boldness. Business logo design is an important investment. A good quality, professionally-made logo can help steer clients and customers to your business, especially if a competitor’s logo is of a sub-standard quality. This is often a common mistake made by small businesses – either they try and create the logo themselves or hire a logo designer for cheap. Either of these can be bad for business. An affordable, professional designer can give your business so much more than the competition.


And at Original Nutter Design, we’re committed to great logo design and affordable prices. So if you’re wondering ‘who do I get to design my business logo?’, then wonder no more. We can help with your overall brand strategy. Stationery? Letters? Advertising material? We can help design it all. Visit, email or call 0333 050 1245.