Customers Expectations of Logos

Logos are a crucial aspect of business branding. A logo is a graphical representation of what defines the company- the mission, the vision, and the core values. Logos are one of the first few things that the customer’s eye would fall upon when trying to reach out to the business. Companies spend thousands of dollars to get a good brand name and logo created. In order for people to remember the brand, the successful logo is required which can encompass the message, product, service, and the overall image of the business. Here are some characteristics of a good logo to suit what the customer expects.

Catchy– It is important to have a logo that is simple and eye catching. With a wide choice of colors, text or any visual elements, the logo must be designed in such a way that it gives the right information about the company. There is no thumb rule on how a logo should look. A simple and creative logo would be easy to remember and would stay on the customer’s mind for a longer time. Logos are usually kept small and precise as they are used in the websites, business cards, advertisements and stationery related to the company. Some companies would like to make the logo catchy to adding a hidden message to the logo to make it more meaningful. For example, the logo of the company Amazon has a vector pointing from the alphabet “A” to “z” which means they sell anything from A to Z and also represent the smile on the customers face after their experience with shopping on Amazon.

Credible – The logo must be able to portray the company the competency and expertise in its field of business as well as it must be able to portray the long-standing trustworthiness of the company. A logo design must be able to convince the customer that the company is an expert in its business and has a cutting edge. For example, the logo can mention the year it was established to show the number of years the company has been in business.

Timeless– A good logo stays in the customer’s minds for a long time. Once a logo is designed, it must be used for a good number of years, say 10-20 years. There can be a number of upgrades to the business over the years, and it becomes unavoidable to keep the logo up-to-date. Frequent changes in the logo design or re-branding can often confuse the customers. So it is ideal to keep the logo design scalable by keeping it simple and smooth right from the beginning so that a few changes can be added to the design as time goes by instead of completely re-branding the logo.

Professional– The design of the logo should be truly professional. With a momentary glance of the logo, the customers generally judge the personality or outlook of the company, whether it is modern or quick in providing services and how professional the company is. Efficient use of the color palette, fonts and icons can bring much difference to the logo and can convey a high level of professionalism. It is better to avoid images or fonts related to caste, creed, sex and religion. The logos should be free of typographical errors and should not look too complex or abstract. It is also ideal to avoid adding too much detail in the logos like shadows, gloss or any special effects. Logos with visual clichés relevant to the business can make the logo look classic and can also stay in the customer’s mind for a long time.

Original– It is crucial to have a logo that is 100% original. Copying, borrowing, and stealing designs can create a bad impression on the company because it is highly unethical and illegal to do so. Extensive research to make sure the design is original and unique is a must. The best way to do check if the image is original is by drag-drop the image in the Google search box and it would return the images similar to the logo.

Memorable– Customers expect the logo to stand out amongst others. Apart from being credible and classy, it should be able to strike a connection with the customer. With a high volume of commercial communication in the present day media, Logos with an eye-catching symbol or image or messages can help in accomplishing the goal

Clarity– The logo must be crystal clear in what it conveys to the customer. Use of meaningless taglines or images or symbols unrelated to the business can give an abstract feel on the type of business information the logo is trying to convey. Understanding the target audience and kind of information that needs to be conveyed to the customer can help in designing a logo with clarity.

Pulling all the above elements together in a logo is difficult but turns out to be the best practice to take the business to the customer in an effective way. It is better to follow a concrete design practice to establish a long standing logo on the customer’s mind.


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