Custom Company Logo – Finding Quality, Affordable Logo Design


Custom company logo design services are obviously a necessity when it comes to launching a new business. We all need a logo – something we can identify with and something that our customers identify with too. But how do you find quality in a sea of cheap, low quality logo design services?


First, we need to appreciate what a logo symbolises: it obviously creates recognition, but it also inspires a sense of loyalty, trust and admiration. It encapsulates your business and brand identity – everything from the usage of fonts, colours, shapes and symbols. This is what makes the difference between a professional logo designerand the cheap company logo design options that abound out there. You may decide to take on a cheap designer who will promise you a logo somewhere within the 24-48 hour mark. Will they have the time to really understand your business, reflect on different design approaches, and sketch out multiple concepts? No – they’re going to go with the first thing that comes to mind and work on that. You will get what you pay for – a logo that is semi-relevant, but has no heart and soul. Remember, this is a logo you’re probably going to end up using for years. This is the logo that your potential customers see. Does it inspire them? Does it look professional? Are you really happy with it? Chances are you will see its shortcomings. And then you’re left with it for years; or you approach a professional to help revitalise your logo and your brand.


A professional providing custom company logo design services will make the difference. And you can find affordable professional designers too. At Original Nutter Design, we strive to understand your business to help craft a logo that will make you proud – and all at an affordable price. Find us online at, email or phone us on 0333 050 1245.