Custom Business Logo – Having One Is important For Success


Custom business logo design services are extremely important in helping you achieve success for your business. It’s often the case, however, that we associate logo or brand changes as expensive operations and, therefore, not worthwhile. But for small businesses, it’s just as important to have a good logo.


That’s because a logo instantly connects us to a specific business. When someone says ‘Apple’, we don’t always think of the fruit. Or could you see the ‘Coca Cola’ logo in a different font? Probably not. We instantly connect these business names in our mind to their logos – that’s why business logo design is so important. Large multinationals can spend thousands and millions of pounds to rebrand their logo and their company. Even 16 years ago, BP – the oil group – spent approximately £136 million when it introduced its current logo. While that’s a massive expense, it also serves to show how much logo changes, rebranding and image are worth to businesses. If you run a small business, however, you don’t have that kind of money. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out. A good logo designer can be found for an affordable price. They have the expertise to help craft a logo that is memorable, simple and appropriate to your business. And a good professional won’t just work to a template; they will help create something unique and original so that the logo has meaning to your customers and will remain long in their minds.


At Original Nutter Design, we are those professionals. Our team will work hard to create a custom business logo suited to your business and its values. We’re also happy to perform revisions if you want something changed too. To find out more about our affordable design services, visit, or phone us on 0333 050 1245.