Corporate Company Logo Design – The History Behind Why It Matters


Corporate company logo design has become more and more appreciated as a particular skill set over the years. The relationship between logo and a company’s overall branding is also completely interlaced too. It’s a difficult thing to get right – but with the right individuals in your corner, they can create a logo for your business that really stands out and stands the test of time.


Logos have been used for thousands of years – but not as we know them today. Symbolism; watermarks; coats of arms; even the different coloured tartan kilts of Scottish clans – each of these historical examples sends out a message out about identity and meaning. It was the industrial revolution, with the advancements of lithography and photography, which propelled the art of logo making into a form of expression. The birth of the modern logo happened in the late 19th century – with many businesses and other entities looking to make themselves known to customers and patrons alike. And with the increasing focus on globalisation into the late 20th century and beyond, logos were seen as ways to transcend language barriers. Take, for instance, the red cross – now universally known as a symbol to indicate humanitarian aid or medical help. In the 21st century, a logo designer is a key figure to those looking to start up a business or those looking to refresh an existing business’ image. And company logo design isn’t always about creating highly intricate pieces of art – it’s about creating something simple, bold, recognisable and familiar. You’ll note that the greatest logosare simple, bold and effective – yet haven’t changed in decades.


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