Company Logo Design Is Just Part Of The Story


Company logo design usually conjures up ideas of small groups of people sitting at desks for hours working on graphics for a big business. While this may be a large part of their role, you’ll often find that a good logo designer can provide a wider range of services which also contribute to the end goal of giving the client a stronger marketing presence. Whether you want a striking visual presence online or hard copies of leaflets to post around the local community, the best design companies will be able to see to it that your needs are met.




It’s little secret that a huge part of achieving a wide market for your products and services and reaching out to key demographics rests in maintaining a strong online presence. This is without mentioning the importance of that old saying ‘you can only make one first impression’. The job of a designer can also entail making sure you create that brilliant first impression that will grab the interest of customers right across the World Wide Web. As well as creating you a custom company logo, you can also ask many designers these days to create an appealing website that will increase online traffic and generate a wider audience for your products and services. The layout of a webpage and the accessibility of its interface can be paramount in securing interest in your company online. If the décor and imagery is drab and unappealing, it will put people off. If the content isn’t well laid out and easy to find, then use of the website can be frustrating. Web banners with the company’s identity need to be clear and well-designed; and articles detailing what you have to offer must be formatted well and presented in a visually inviting and clear manner. Poor web design can harm your business and have an impact on revenue, so be sure to consider company and business logo design online as a part your overall internet marketing strategy. Negative web page publicity can be avoided by asking the experts to bring your website to life.




It’s not just online that your company can come alive visually though; it’s in every form of printed communication that you can think of. Company logo design still operates a lot on the basis of having an attractive brand, a good-looking logo that people will instantly recognise and associate with a popular and desirable product or service. These other forms of visual merchandising can come in many shapes and sizes. For example, the design and printing leaflets, brochures and flyers for local distribution may not be as technical as online web marketing, but they’re still a simple and effective way of spreading your company’s message far and wide. Professional company logos are all well and good, but if they are emblazoned on an otherwise bland-looking flyer let down by poor design, the literature is likely to get filed in the bin. If a poster is not stylish and eye-catching, then people will not notice it, even if the logo itself is attractive. A poorly presented business card with simply a name printed on it is unlikely to impress; but logo design experts can make them slick and professional, ensuring you’ll stick in the recipient’s memory after handing them out. The list of examples of how visual marketing can benefit your business goes on and on. The creative input of a specialist team of company logo designers will give you an edge over the competition. If your business is in need of ways to make a bigger splash in its marketing material, Original Nutter Design can assist.


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Effective company logo design is just the start of the process. Find a high quality team of experts and they will ensure that every aspect of your visual marketing, from your logo to your promotional material and website are top priorities. This is what you can expect from us here at Original Nutter Design. Our reputation for customer care and dedication to excellence is second to none. If you need a logo designer, we’d love to show you what you stand to gain from contacting us. Don’t delay, call today to speak to us on 0333 050 1245. Alternatively, send us your details online at