Company Logo Design UK – How To Design A Killer Logo


Company logo design UK wide requires a certain number of considerations. While we’re tempted to think that logos are all about throwing together something that looks appealing and pretty, there’s so much more that goes into designing a good logo than you think. Here are some tips for great logo design.


As aforementioned, it can be easy to think that you should have a lot going on in your logo to attract attention. But, in reality, simplicity with a dash of design is a very good mix. Great examples of this include Amazon (simple black text with an arrow to represent speedy delivery) and FedEx (with the ‘Fed’ in blue and the ‘Ex’ in red representing ‘Express’). These are simple design logos with small quirks that make them iconic. However, this can all depend on whether the name of your company is unique or not. For example, perhaps you’re a local business with a similar name to a business in the next town over? In this case, you might be best to focus on symbolism. However, if your company has a unique name, you could probably utilise a font-based logo. Colour also plays a big part in how we perceive a logo or, for that matter, any design. For example, purple can represent wisdom; black represents power; pink represents fun and red is bold. There’s so much to take in when you take on the role of logo designer. That’s why so many businesses hire the services of a specialised logo design UK company.


At Original Nutter Design, we specialise in company logo design UK wide. We are passionate about getting things right for our customers. You won’t find us rushing to get the job done; we’re fast, but we like to learn about what makes your business tick before we produce a logo that you and your business can fully identify with. Contact us via, phone us on 0333 050 1245 or visit us at