Company Logo Design Online Tips


Company logo design online tips can often recommend that you get cheap logos to free up money to spend elsewhere in your business. True? Any business person will tell you it’s not. That’s because image matters the most when it comes to your company. So, by that measure, your logo matters. A lot. So here are some proper tips when it comes to finding good logo design online.


When you look for a logo designer, it’s important to find someone who wants to understand your business’ values and its goals. Hiring a designer offering cheap prices might be good, but the logo will have no thought put into it; it will be very identical to many others out there. A proper designer will make your logo unique. They will show you how much thought has gone into the logo. Clever designs can also make use of double entendre and negative spaces. For example, ever noticed the hidden arrow in the infamous blue and red FedEx logo? Go look – you won’t be able to un-see it once you spot it. The arrow symbolises what FedEx is all about – fast delivery. Clever logos stick out in the mind – sometimes you don’t even consciously know why. The FedEx symbol also represents another important maxim of logo design: ‘keep it simple, stupid’. Your logo doesn’t need to be a heavy collection of various symbols. All you need is something simple, pleasing on the eye and catchy. A company logo design is worth more than just finding someone to do it for cheap; it’s about finding the right people to help build your brand.


And at Original Nutter Design, we can help you create your company logo design online. We’ll get to know you, your business and your goals to help create a logo full of passion and meaning in a simple, easy-on-the-eye format. Want to know more? Come and visit us at, email us via or phone our offices today on 0333 050 1245.