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Business logo design is a wide and expansive market that grows as the number of businesses registered every day increases. There’s no doubt you know your own business – your products, target markets, sales incentives and diversification strategies, for instance. But your company may not possess the right skills to design a suitable logo that encapsulates all that. However, when there are so many logo designer companies out there, how do you know which will suit your requirements? Here are a few simple tips for helping you decide how to choose the best design company from all those competing for your business.




In any business that works on marketing and promotion, the best way to gain customers is to have valued customers already. This is no different for custom business logo design companies too. If a company logo design is worth its salt, then it will have previous clients who will be keen to share the good word and detail the positive experiences they’ve had. There are forums online in which businesses can start threads in which they rank and review the logo design businesses that they’ve worked with. A simple Google search for these review sites will quickly present you with some ideas on who to look for if your company is in sore need of a logo with some new vitality and creative spark. It will also alert you to any companies that are not reliable or credible, and thus you’ll know to stay away from these. Perhaps one of the best weapons in your arsenal for this search for the ideal company to work with is the testimonials section of a design company’s website. This section will include reviews from previous clients on their experiences of working with the company in question. Ideally, these reviews will have details of the brief they gave for custom business logos; how these needs were fulfilled; and with what success. Pay close attention to websites which offer a range of previous clients from different industries and of different sizes. The best business logo design firms will not be lacking in these, that’s for sure.




Remember, however, that your search for the team that will add style and substance to your company’s visual media does not just take good reviews into account. When choosing a business logo designer, you must also think hard about your budgetary considerations. Most designers will respond quickly to enquiries about price; and by asking around, you can see quickly which artists quite literally fit the bill, and which ones do not. Remember, though, that with business logo design, you will generally get what you pay for. If you choose the cheapest option, it’s likely that your new logo will be churned out to a template and won’t necessarily be designed specifically with your company in mind. Time may be a consideration and you could be tempted to choose the services of a designer who offers to turn your work around in 24 hours. Again, though, this may be a mistake. Sure, you’ll have a new logo in next to no time, but how much thought will have gone into it? Without taking into account your company and the services or products it offers; the demographics of your target audiences; your vision for future expansion and so on, it’s unlikely that a quick fix like this will stand the test of time. If you’re thinking ‘I need a logo designed for my business’, it’s worth planning ahead and setting a realistic budget and timescale for the delivery of this key branding tool. Original Nutter Design is one design company that can help you meet all of your goals.


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Business logo design may seem like a daunting world to navigate, but we’ve been in the profession for many years now and have the expertise needed to produce the ideal logo for your company. As a trusted and highly sought after logo designer, we at Original Nutter Design successfully completed over four hundred projects last year. We’d love to add you to that number! So if you want to find out more about the excellent services we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 0333 050 1245 or you can visit us at our website for more information.