Business Logo Design UK – How Does The Design Process Work?

Business logo design UK wide is an art form and a process that many try to do themselves. Yet the biggest and well-known brands across the UK and world today are not crafted by individuals but by teams of people with an understanding of what makes a logo great.


When it comes to seeking logos from a logo designer, there are three basic types. Firstly, there are logos that demonstrate what services a company provide. For example, house builders may have a house in the logo; or a painting and decorating firm may have a paint brush in its logo. Then there are font-based logos which are used by the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Toshiba. Finally, there is the more abstract type of logos – the most famous example being Nike’s tick – that become synonymous with a brand. However, the latter can take time and money to build – which means that many companies tend to stick with a font-based or service-based logo. While there is a temptation to have a wonderfully abstract logo, it’s important to be able to communicate what you do to your potential customers. And you also have to remember that your logo is likely to be the first thing that a customer will associate with your business. It needs to be effective, stand out and be relevant. The right logo design UK based company can help your company achieve such a symbol.


At Original Nutter Design, we provide companies with business logo design UK wide. We won’t just fling designs at you that don’t mean anything. We invest ourselves in your business, your goals, your dreams and your ambitions. We take the time to understand what you want from a logo. To find out more, you can visit our website (, phone us on 0333 050 1245, or send an email to