Business Card Design

A successful man is distinguished by the level of impression he can create in his circles. Apart from personality traits and looks, there are plenty of accessories, gadgets and other products which reflect the person’s way of living. A sense of competition always prevails among the individuals or companies when it comes to creating the best impression in all places they are at.

A successful business is also majorly determined by its impressiveness. Many businesses try to seriously consider spending on branding and look for this very reason, to try showing off as successful. Whether the business is really successful or not is a different question, but a successful business would have surely created a big impression.

One of the key elements of creating such an impression is a business card. Most meetings are an introduction to people that we’ve never met before, and it is essential to exchange contact information on that occasion with the view of future prospects. A business card enables an easy exchange of contact information because it is just one small card which contains all the necessary contact information such as name, telephone number, address and email-id.

Business card as a gesture

Exchange of business cards conveys a good gesture on part of the people involved. It implies that the person would be willing to stay in touch or even extend the introductory friendship to some good business activity. A well-designed business card speaks of how much importance that person gives to making new contacts. In other words, a person with a well-designed business card can be considered as socially active.

What makes a good business card?

Basically, a business card contains contact information of a person. But various designers have applied their creativity and innovation to create some of the most interesting and visually striking business cards. The best business cards of today make use of minimalist art and color palette, with more emphasis laid on the typefaces with which the information is printed. The conventional rectangular shape of the card has been replaced by various innovative shapes. In some cases, the card material itself is replaced with transparent plastic or polished metals in few rare cases.

Thus, there are many options available for a business card design. Yet what is important for a good business card is to work in integration or uniformity with the general marketing plan of the individual or company. The theme used in the design and expression of the marketing and promotional elements should better be applied in the design of business cards as well.

Durability and quality

A good business card must be made of high quality materials which make them dense, thick and easy to carry around. It’s better to use standard sizes so that the business cards will fit into the containers or wallet compartments. Different materials come with different patterns and textures. For most cards, no work on the background design will be required because the pattern or texture on the card material itself would be interesting. It must also be noted that the inking or engraving method and the card material used should be more durable to stand extreme conditions.

DIY business card

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional designer to do the design work on business cards. In most professional designing firms, business card is one part of the several branding packages. It’s always good to have a professional to design a business card, but there needs to be a good reason to hire them from marketing standpoint. If a business card is not used in integration with other marketing plans, then there’s two options left for an individual.

One way is to go for freelance designers, or to hire a designer from relatively smaller designing firms. These designers could be Art School Grads or Self-taught, but they are relatively new to the field. Hence their ideas and capabilities are deemed as untested. Yet, some freelancers do a good job coming up with their design portfolio. If such a portfolio is impressive, then certainly get the freelancer to do the work.

Such freelancers are hard to find, and in that case there is a second option which is DIY (Do-it-Yourself). Good thing about DIY way is that it is not time consuming if the right templates are used. For using templates, the person must understand that basics of programs such as Photoshop or Corel Draw. Most templates are available on the internet for free, while some amazing templates can cost money. There are several companies out there who started out by using free design templates and basic design tutorials to even create their business logos, and some of them have turned out to be successful. So, it’s no bad to go the DIY way when one needs it.


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