Best Logo Designer Tips – What Makes A Logo Special?


Best logo designer companies have helped make billions upon billions of pounds worth of profit for their clients. That’s because a good logo can make or break (or re-make) a business. A good logo is at the heart of your public image – no matter whether you run a local or national business. But what makes a logo good?


The thing to remember is that everything matters when it comes to logo design. Take colours, for example. Look at any successful logo and you may notice something – you rarely see more than two or three colours in the logo. In fact, usually two out of three of those colours are black and white. Too much colour can be off-putting and reminiscent of a child’s toy store. Colours are so sparsely used because we often associate colours with certain things. This, of course, can change across cultures and societies. In China, for instance, white is associated with mourning; but in the UK, it’s considered a rather pure colour. Red, on the other hand, represents virility or danger; but in financial circles, it’s associated with losses. A single colour can be good because it also saves on colour printing costs across pamphlets and advertising mediums. Simplicity is also used by good logo designers. We might feel that we should pack everything we can into the logo about the business; but the truth is that simple logos are easier to recall. Simple logos also offer longevity. A logo that is trendy may look nice today; but you’ll need a new logo designer to update your logo in a few years’ time. Therefore the logo should be thought out carefully.


At Original Nutter Design, we work with you to understand your business’ goals, targets and markets. That way we can create something with meaning and thought behind it, instead of just churning out any old logo. It’s what the best logo designer companies do. To find out more, visit us online at, email or chat to us on 0333 050 1245.