Art and crypto: How to fit in the new era of design

With Bitcoin’s arrival, a lot of things started to change beyond finance and technology. For instance, it changed the vision of power, money independence and even art. Driven by the philosophy of decentralization and freedom stated in the White Paper of the first cryptocurrency, the artistic world has also got a grip of this technology, turning it into a new era of design.

The mix of art, technology and money is taking over, getting more attention as it has developed as part of the pop culture, specially with the depiction of the mysterious Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

But art doesn’t only restrain to the visual representation of the crypto ecosystem, but rather uses the technology as part of very creative pieces.

Getting into the Cryptoart

For creators who are interested in stepping into the crypto world with their art, it can be as simple as including cryptocurrency as a form of payment for your original material. There’s already several platforms dedicated to this specific area, allowing authors to receive revenue in cryptocurrency at the time of selling.

There are also platforms that support the copyright of every piece by scanning it and putting it in a blockchain, so it can get tracked and avoid stealing or duplication.

You can also keep cryptocurrency inside a piece of art. This is just as cool as it sounds, and not as complicated. All you need is a QR code -that will allow you to send funds to the art piece- and a private key to access to your funds in Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choice by entering in a crypto-exchange or wallet. With this technique you can step your art into the future, turning it into a physical crypto-wallet, better known as a “cold wallet”.

Express yourself with crypto

The freedom that thrives the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain goes along with art creation. It has surged as a form of protest against authoritarianism, sarcasm towards banks, literary fiction and more expressions that revolve around the concept of “fighting the system” that fuels the revolution of cryptocurrency.

So now that you know this, the floor is yours to start using this technology as you like. It can be a tool, a creative uplift or serve as both. It can be a revenue or a design inspiration, it can protect your funds and it can be the source of them, opening a new path for art and design, giving creators a new type of freedom.

 Perks of choosing graphic design as a life career

One of the most known professions today is graphic design. Directly linked to arts and communication, this career searches for connection with the public through creative visual ways, having the power to give shape to a brand, a person, a product or service to make it more appealing to the public.

We usually think of graphic design as a marketing tool, used mainly for creating logos and web pages, but let’s go beyond that. This path has much more to offer to creators willing to expand their skills and share their vision of the world, with perks like:

The capacity of changing people’s minds.

Unlike other careers based in communication, like journalism, acting, politics or teaching, the visual work has a capacity that goes beyond speech.

From the science behind colors to express whatever you wish the public will feel towards an image, to the selection of a font letter that will connect with your audience, the art of communication through image can be seen as a form of manipulation that demands creativity and will have an impact in the audience if done right, and graphic designers specialize in that.

A graphic designer can always have a job (or create one). When looking for job options for graphic designers, your aspirations are most commonly limited to an art department: art director, graphic artist, visual designer.  With a tech revolution era going on, the expansion of your abilities go further than the common options and enters a world where the creativity is always on demand.

For this, graphic designers have stepped in the digital art and own it. From cartoonist in digital media or for your own personal brand -very seen this days- you are able to explore beyond, with market options as web design and customizing digital art.

Get paid for your creativity. Today’s job market goes beyond basic abilities and work experience. It demands for creative thinkers that go a step forward

Asure your worth as an unique designer. Someone who is dedicated to exploit its own creativity wasn’t made to be a follower, but a creator of its own path. Everyone is replaceable is a desk job, but by dedicating to build your own unique style with a specialized career as a graphic designer, you’ll be able to customize something irreplaceable: your mind.


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