5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Logo Design

Many of us, at some point in our lives, have bought a cheap product or a dupe of an expensive one. Following that, many of us also have experienced how these cheap products fail to deliver after a short period of time making it a complete waste of money. Well, same goes for design and logos. Your brand isn’t something to joke around with, and certainly your business isn’t either. Logos are representations of your values and if it looks cheap, then you know how that message will come across.

Here are the reasons why you should avoid a cheap logo design:

1.     You get what you pay for

A cheap price comes with a cost. Fast and convenient isn’t always the solution and anything worth having is worth investing your time and yes, money. Your cheap logo could seriously damage your brand, In a world where image is critical.

 2.     Ineffective branding

Amateurs who offer logos for a cheap price don’t really have a grasp on what they’re doing. Most of the time, they’re just there to make a quick buck and not really get into the dirty and most important details of your brand. When this is the case, they will just slap on whatever feels cute, right, or easy and say that it’s done. This may leave a question mark on people’s faces and they might conclude that you’re having some sort of identity crisis. Your company’s branding will get the brunt of this mishap and may affect your overall communication with the audience.

 3.     You lose trust and credibility

Let’s face it: anything that looks cheap and tacky immediately turns us off. We switch off the trust button and don’t look back. This is not a good way to represent or start your business.

 4.     Unintelligent process

The process of making a logo should be an enjoyable one because through this, you discover your company’s identity and values. Turning over your logo to an amateur loses this process of self-discovery because who will invest this time for a cheap cost?

5.     Unauthentic

Paying for a cheap logo design comes with a lot of consequences, but nothing is more embarrassing than finding out yours is a dupe or mock of another logo from another company. You may find this out soon or along the line and by then it could be too late and you now look like that dude who copies others’ success. Damage control can only do so much and you’ll end up paying a lot more than you originally intended to.

It’s quite easy to understand why you have to avoid going for a cheap design! Fast fixes aren’t usually worth it in the end. Besides, if you treat your business like your baby, then you know that it is something worth investing in.

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