5 Logo Design Concepts That Are Trending in 2019

We live in a time that offers business opportunities to virtually any person who has an idea to launch. With so many marketing platforms available on the internet, the options seem endless. One very important aspect of getting your business up and running is marketing design, and a big part of this is your brand or company’s logo.

Having a distinctly noticeable and eye-catching logo will contribute to your brand identity, which is an easily recognizable way to physically identify your brand that also gives your customers a feel of the abstract elements of your brand.

Here are some design concepts that are trending in 2019:

5 Logo Design Concepts Trending in 2019

With the emergence of personal marketing opportunities online, it’s important to carefully consider the many types of logo design concepts that are currently popular and that will continue to trend in the coming year.

Plain and Simple

A logo that is plain and simple can take a variety of forms and convey different ideas depending on its appearance.

Some concepts that communicate the ideas of clarity, simplicity, and elegance include simple typography and monogrammed lettering. These can be used with or without a simple logo picture to accompany it.

Simple Typography

Crisp and clean lettering either with or without an accompanying picture logo can convey the sense that a brand is focused on clarity and simplicity.

No underlying messages or hidden agendas here – just the idea of keeping things simple and easy for the customer. These logos are also easy to remember and identify amongst a sea of other brands.

Pairing the simple lettering with a picture logo can add to the clarity of the brand’s concept. For example, a cloud-based storage service may incorporate a simple cloud picture into the typography to easily communicate the idea that.

Monogram Lettering

We recently saw a boom in the appearance of monogrammed lettering. Popular monogrammed lettering commonly appears as a single, cursive embellished letter.

Typically, it is that of the last name of an individual or the first letter of a brand. When used as the initial for a brand, the embellished cursive lettering gives a sense of sophistication or elegance.

Even though this lettering is beautifully designed with lots of curlicues, the appearance of the single letter is very simple while still conveying a sense of professionalism.

A great addition to this is to have a simple logo or picture around the monogram or set in front of or in the foreground of the lettering.

On the Grid

To take plain and simple logos one step further, use a grid to convey a sense of logic, control, and order. A logo grid can be visible, transparent, or invisible.

Regardless of whether or not the grid lines are visible, using a grid for your logo ensures symmetry among the various parts. These logos tend to appeal to people who appreciate the simple functionality of a business.

Clean and distinct lines and symmetry convey the message that your brand highly regards functionality. Engineering, architecture, and construction companies may all lean towards grid-based logos, but this type of logo can also be used in a fun and energetic way.

Geometric Shapes

Using geometric shapes can be a nice complement to a grid-based logo. Or they can be used by themselves. Using geometric shapes can show simplicity or intricacy, depending on how the shapes are used.

Simple geometric patterns can lend themselves to the idea of having a straightforward business plan that is user-friendly. An intricate layering of geometric patterns can create a fun atmosphere but can also hint at the levels of complexity or service offerings within a brand.

Layers of colour

Layering colours or using a variety of colours from similar and different colour pallets can convey countless messages and this is reliant on how they are used and what other design concepts they are paired with.

Vibrant colours paired with simple typography or lettering can be a good addition to make a simple logo more visually appealing.

Bold splashes of colour can also contribute to the fun and energetic feel of a logo or design. Layering colours of any type can convey the message that the brand is appealing to those interested in art or things that are aesthetically pleasing.

Fun and Energetic

Today’s younger consumers might be drawn to logo concepts that play on the same sense of energy and youthfulness that they themselves have.

Other consumers will be drawn to fun and playful designs because they are seen as positive, which is a much-welcomed contrast to the state of negativity that is often pervasive in society.

Cute characters, bright colours, and playfully designed fonts are all elements that make a logo pop. They also communicate the idea that your brand is fun and easy to work with.


In the current and upcoming marketing trends, fun and energetic logos paired with bright splashes of colour are an attention-grabbing design concept that will help you attract a wide customer base and make your brand more memorable.

The vibes given off by a fun and energetic logo design will tell your customers that you’re an easy company to work with. You’ll let your customers know that you’re a company that loves to make customers happy. Fun logos such as those featuring cute characters also have a lasting impression on customers, making your brand memorable and easy to identify.

Creating a logo for your brand to be identified by will have a lasting impression on your industry as well as your clientele. If you think about many of the most iconic logos over the past years, you will recognise a mix of simplicity, colour, an absence of colour, and complexity depending on the brand.

Everyone wants to create a brand and a logo that will rival the best. So before you dive in with your logo creation, perhaps give the different trending 2019 design concepts a try!


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