Website Logo Designer Differences - What Separates The Professionals From The Amateurs?

Website logo designer services are, like most things these days, easy enough to find online. But with an increasing amount of designers to choose from, how can you ensure that your designer is putting the needs of your company first? How do you know if they are truly offering you value for money and not a cheap product?

It's the difference between the professional logo designer and the amateur logo designers. But how do you spot these differences? Well, here are a few tips. A good designer will always have branding and identity in mind. While there are many designers willing to create a logo for you at speed, ask yourself this: are they really taking the time to understand your business? Are they truly creating something unique? Amateurs tend to reuse a lot of their logo designs. A change of colour here and a different font there does not make a logo unique. What makes a logo unique is when it is crafted with your business (and your business alone) in mind. A good logo is made with a mixture of correct colour choice, typographical appreciation and a dash of whatever makes your business unique. A professional will not try to pack your logo full of bright colours – that's not how good logos work. They are minimalist, yet iconic. Simple, yet never boring. Familiar, yet unique. Your logo has to be your most recognisable symbol. It becomes recognisable through time; it doesn't happen right away. So you have to stick with your logo. An amateur logo can leave you having to do a costly rebrand in a year or two.

So avoid that scenario altogether and hire a professional website logo designer from the get-go: like Original Nutter Design. We're passionate about producing logos and branded materials that really capture the essence of what makes our clients' businesses tick. To see our portfolio, go to, email or call us on 0800 001 6603.