Professional Logo Design UK - What Makes An Iconic Logo

Professional logo design UK wide is widely sought after; especially at an affordable price that suits smaller businesses. Prices can be off-putting for so many trying to develop their business, but it’s worth keeping in mind that a logo can transcend so much and communicate with your potential customers far more than any words.

When you think of buying a new smartphone, do you conjure up the image of a partially-eaten apple? When you think of energy drinks, does a red-coloured bull come to mind? Or do the golden arches stand out on the high street when you’re salivating at the thought of some fast food on a busy day? These logos are iconic and symbolise more than you think. Apple’s logo is said to represent knowledge (think Adam and Eve or Sir Isaac Newton); the clashing red bulls in the eponymous logo appeal to the masculine and adrenaline junkies; and McDonald’s arches are at the same time noticeable, bold and welcoming – a great mixture if you’re in the market for food. A logo communicates so much. From the size, to the colour, to the font, to the shape and so on: everything matters when it comes to a logo. That’s exactly why you should hire a professional logo designer to help create brand identity for your business. But if you’re worried about not being able to afford a great logo design UK company, you needn’t worry too much. There are plenty of design professionals who are also accessible and affordable.

One such design company is Original Nutter Design. Our team of specialist designers – with 43 years of experience between them – provide professional logo design UK wide. We’re not all about the money; we’re passionate about providing an affordable design service. To find out more, please visit Alternatively, email or call our designers today on 0800 001 6603.